Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kickin' it at LHS Senior Night

Last night was senior night at Lawton High School and apparently Baby Darling was either really angry about it or really happy 'cause he was kicking up a storm- there is a video of it below but unless you are me or Zach you probably won't think it's that interesting~
Zach is out in the middle presenting roses to the moms
Zach had a JV game that was supposed to start at 4:30. We had a recruit in from Corpus Christi but I had a little break from about 4-6 (she went to hang out with the team before we took her to dinner) so I was excited that I would get to see his game. WRONG! They were really far behind and it didn't start until 5:20 or so. I got to see almost all of the first half though. Unfortunately they lost... the other team was pretty good and rather large- not a good combination unless you are them~

Senior Night was done really well. I wish they would have announced more about each player instead of just their name and parents. At Woodward they announced important stats, where they are going to school, if they are playing in college, etc.

All of the seniors started- and I think all of them scored too

At about halftime I had to leave- I felt so bad! I was exhausted. I had the early 6am shift two days in a row, a big test yesterday afternoon, and lots of shmoozing with the recruit in town (it takes a lot out of you!). So I ended up heading home to get in bed at 9:30 and passed out! They lost to Broken Arrow that night.

This is a video of Baby Darling kicking me. There is a little flutter at 20 seconds and then he starts up a little stronger at 40 seconds. It's all on the right side of my stomach. It was the first time I saw him kick me through my clothes. (This is apparently what keeps me entertained during warmups- video taping my stomach!)
Disclaimer::: This is probably really boring to most everyone out there- sorry! But it's probably the strangest and coolest feeling in the world to be kicked by something inside of you - And I think its cool and I do the posts, so get over it! Big picture: I'm making a human in there and every little thing that happens along the way is pretty cool for Zach and me!

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