Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Madness?

Well, the end has come for Zach's freshman team (at least as of now). They finished their last game on Thursday against Eisenhower (the locals call it Ike) and ended up winning by quite a few. He only lost three games with his 9th grade team- because he is the best coach in the whole world! They had two games canceled because of the ice storm and the water "crisis" (it was announced that all of Lawton was "out" of water- enough panic ensued to create fighting in Walmart over bottles and gallons of water. Turned out nothing really happened. They fixed the generator and we moved on like nothing really happened.) One team in Oklahoma City said they do not want to reschedule but they are trying to reschedule with MacArthur- doubt it will happen since they aren't even practicing anymore.

(author's note: this is his JV team- just to clear up any false advertising about how big his 9th graders are)

Zach's 9th grade team is kind of his pride and joy. He had the most control over how he could discipline and run the team since they just played 9th grade for him. Only one of his freshman plays JV and Varsity too. They were a very good team- they listened to him, they ran what he wanted, and almost all of them loved playing for him (can't speak for everyone, but I have received many compliments on Zach's behalf from the parents)

His JV season is still going strong though. He has only lost two games with this team- both to Eisenhower- well he might have lost one at the beginning of the season, but they were playing a Varsity team so I'm not going to count it. This team is mostly lower level Varsity kids who need more experience and then some other Juniors and Sophomores. This team has some great talent on it. Zach always says that if some of these kids put in the extra time that he and his brothers did on their shooting that they could be AMAZING.

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