Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day 2010

Valentine's Day 2010-

Got up and went to Sunday School. This is the first time we visited this class and we really enjoyed it. Pastor Shane came and visited with us Thursday night and we absolutely LOVE him and LOVE this church. So, I think we have finally found a church home here in Lawton.

After church we got in the car and headed to "the city" (Oklahoma City). We have turned in to those people that are the poor lost souls of a small town who need the booming metropolis to get anything accomplished. It's sad that "the city" refers to the one and only Oklahoma City- there are no other big cities. It's also sad that Oklahoma City is a booming metropolis- especially when talking to Zach and me (one from Dallas and one from Atlanta)- it's a little different to say the least.

Zach is probably the easiest person to buy for. Dr. Pepper is the key to his heart- all other gifts are just icing on the cake. We both decided that we would much rather spend our money on eating out at a nice restaurant than on stupid Valentine's Day gifts like boxes of chocolate (I only like the ones that taste like snickers anyway- so why not just buy a snickers??)

M.J. got a bone for Valentine's Day.
Look at that sad face begging for some love.

25 weeks, two days.
I really loved this shirt- but now I see that I look ginormous in it! Awesome :)

We went out to eat at the Cheesecake factory and it was absolutely WONDERFUL!! So delicious! Then we went shopping at Babies R Us and got a few little things for Baby Darling.

Came home and then ate Cheesecake factory leftovers- but Zach wanted cheese grits with his. What is up with him and cheese grits? I swear he could eat them every meal of every day!

All in all, a success. Low-key, food, shopping, candy, and Dr. Pepper? Can't get much better than that!

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