Thursday, February 11, 2010

Throw Back Night and Berry/Reinhardt

On Tuesday my dad had a big game against Gilmer Co. They decided to do a throw-back night. They had the SHORT shorts, sweat bands, tube socks and everything. Dad- I think you could have found some shorter shorts- I've seen pictures of you playing and they were much shorter!

As a coach, you always hope that these things don't backfire on you and you end up losing because the kids are totally unfocused. But, good news- they ended up winning 61-41, and drew a big crowd too!

I cannot even muster up the words for how funny this is! I love it! I totally wish I was there to see it!


if only I could have witnessed these boys in some throw-back outfits! That would have officially made my life!

Zach and Jake at Berry

Jake and Zach vs. Aaron and Adam (Berry vs. Reinhardt)
The Darling Boys

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